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The Puppy Universe: How they think

It’s truly hard to say what and how puppies understand their given name. Sure they hear the sound, and we all know that they are sure to react to it.  However, experts say that it doesn’t mean they realize that the word or the name they are hearing and called for has anything to do with their “self.”

Owners don’t just use the puppy’s name when they are calling them. They also use it when talking to about their pets with their friends. As for example, A puppy hears “his name,” called by his master, he looks up, but no one either the visitor or his master is giving him any attention. He shrugs, and goes back to whatever he was doing. There is a high possibility that the next time someone calls his name he will not even bother to look up. He will think the he has no reason to react to it anyways. He has now been desensitized to his own name. For this reason, some trainers have owners give their puppy pet two names – one is used to address their pet while talking to him and another name to use when they’re talking about him in front of anyone.

But the real question is how does a puppy learn and identify its name? There are cases where the puppy’s name must be shouted or repeatedly called often in order to get its attention and for him to understand that the name is referring to him.

For trained dogs, their name has something to do to as a “special connotation” and can be quite useful in communicating with them.

But whether a puppy’s name will ever come to mean to it as a human name does to a person is doubtful. Dogs will always tend to be good at what they need to do in nature to survive. Calling them by their name was not a part of those things. However, we know that they will always undoubtedly know who each other were a well, through sight and smell, most likely.

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