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The Magic of the Harness

Many people, especially those who are new to the world of owning a dog will place a collar around their pooch’s neck, clip a lead on and away they go. This is great to begin with but  when your puppy or dog works out if they pull they generally arrive at their destination at a much quicker rate it goes from being good to bad.
You walk to your chosen location with your canine friend practically on their side and sounding as though they are on their last paws through choking so much.

Now I am not saying by placing a harness on your dog they will miraculously cease pulling and your walk will become easier instantly, because the chances are that without some training from you this will not happen. The harness will alleviate the problem of your dog choking though and make for a more pleasant and more peaceful walk.

There are many different varieties of dog harnesses available on the market and it really depends on your breed of dog as they are designed differently for the different builds of dog. Stockier breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier and Bulldog would wear a very wide harness, usually made from leather. The widest part of the harness sits upon the dog’s chest to offer support.

Breeds that are slighter in build will normally wear a lighter, nylon type of harness. Then there are the harnesses designed specifically for a purpose such as guide dogs and dogs working for the disabled.

I feel the best option, if you are starting off with a puppy, is to purchase a harness specifically designed for puppies; puppy harnesses are very light and delicate. Place the harness on your pup once he / she is used to their collar and just allow them to become accustomed to wearing it around the house for awhile.

Never leave your puppy unsupervised whilst wearing either its collar or harness though because it is so simple for them to be zooming around the place and become snagged up on an item of furniture.

By doing this and introducing your puppy to a harness at a tender age it will benefit you and your puppy later on when you are beginning to walk together. You will avoid the whole choking scenario and your pup will be a lot happier and also a lot easier to control when wearing a harness.

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