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The Hoover Monster

A common problem often faced by dog owners is the one concerning their faithful friend and the hoover. The dog in question is generally as good as gold in every other way but when the dreaded hoover puts in an appearance the dog turns into a devilish little critter!

Now the poor innocent hoover does not have much going for it really when viewed through the eyes of a dog. It is the ideal ‘prey’ to chase because it wheels along the floor and not to mention the awful loud noise it makes, which to a dog is magnified so many more times than to you and I. In many households this ‘monster’ has a daily outing around the house and then vanishes again until the following day.

If you are starting out with a puppy then the worst thing you can do is to mollycoddle him/her and keep the hoover out of their way, you need to do the complete opposite. Simply begin hoovering in the house somewhere, not right next to your puppy as this would probably put him/her off for life. Just begin in another room and be aware that your little puppy might well come racing through to investigate or might try and hide somewhere.

Now this is the part which could prove to be difficult to many owners as it is quite hard to do, you must do your very best to completely ignore your puppy. The more fuss you make now the worse you will make the situation for the future, if your puppy receives the attention because he/she is scared then all you are doing is re-affirming their actions. You are basically confirming to them that they should be scared and that you are trying to make them feel better.

By ignoring your puppy it is just like saying to him/her that there is no reason to be worried about the hoover at all, so the easiest way to do this, and to be convincing at the same time, is to simply continue hoovering and not pay any attention to your puppy. You must appear relaxed, even begin whistling or singing whilst you are hoovering to accentuate how calm you are. Your puppy will soon observe that you are not bothered and that they are the only ones making a fuss so they will soon stop.

Now if you are trying to convince an adult dog that the hoover is friendly the basics are much the same but it can be slightly harder and take longer for them to comprehend what you are attempting to show them.

One of my own dogs is a little rescue and she absolutely views the hoover as arch enemy number one, it has taken me approximately two years and a lot of work to win her over and even now she is not totally convinced. I can hoover the whole house without a murmur but she follows in my footsteps keeping a watchful eye on the hoover monster in front of me!

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