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The Heat Cycle

Female dogs have a heat cycle or Estrus. Their initial cycle will generally occur around the ages of 6 – 12 months old. If the female dog is a large breed though she possibly will not have her first heat cycle until she is 12 – 24 months old.
If you intend to breed your female dog then you will need to ensure that you comprehend your dog’s heat cycle as you will need to know when she is due to come into season or on heat. This is the period of time for mating.

Your dog’s heat cycle will usually last for approximately 21 days but the actual best breeding time is only for a short duration of 2 – 3 days throughout the whole heat cycle. This can prove to be problematic as it is very difficult to pinpoint the days exactly, however there are certain tests that a vet can carry out for you which will help to determine the timing more accurately.

The symptoms displayed by your dog at the beginning of her heat cycle will normally involve her licking herself continuously around her vulva area and you will be able to observe some swelling around her vaginal area.

There will also be some bleeding from this area and it will generally be a dark red blood. Do not be too alarmed if the flow is fairly heavy in the initial stages of her cycle as this is quite normal, the flow will ease during the course of the first week.
Her progesterone levels will rise in preparation for her ovaries to release the eggs, she will begin to curl her tail either to the right or to the left as she naturally journeys closer to her mating time. You will discover that she wishes to urinate much more frequently and this is her sign to the male dogs in the vicinity that she is ready to mate.

These initial stages are entitled the ‘Proestrus’ and also within this stage you will notice the male dogs hanging around your female dog a lot more, the female will not allow them to mate her yet but they will persist.

The second stage is called the ‘Estrus’ and this is the stage now when she will permit the male/s to mate with her. Be careful as she will pretty much allow any male dog to mate with her when she enters into her Estrus stage. The final stage is the ‘Diestrus’ stage and this is basically her winding down period as now she will not allow any males to mate with her and this step normally lasts for approximately 7 days.

Her next heat cycle will generally start about 7 months from the time her last one began. This does vary from dog to dog though.

If you are not breeding your female dog then you must take precautions during her heat cycle, do not walk her during the whole 21 day duration. The problem is that she will naturally wish to urinate whilst out and when she does she will be leaving her scent everywhere for the male dogs, they will follow you and your female dog home.

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