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The Five Senses

We all know the five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and we know that our canine chums share these five basic senses with us but how much do they differ from us?
When it comes to sight the dogs win for the night vision side of things because they possess an extra layer within their eye which is reflective this layer is called a Tapetum Lucidum, it works by reflecting the light back into the actual receptor cells of the dog’s eye. This is also responsible for the ‘glow in the dark’ appearance of a dog’s eyes at night.

We can observe a wider spectrum of colours than dogs. It has been proven now in the world of science that dogs can actually see many different colours and not only certain shades of white, black and grey.

Our canine friends certainly win paws down when it comes to hearing abilities. They can hear noises at approximately four times the distance that we can, so for instance you and I may hear a sound at 100 yards whilst your pooch can hear a sound at ¼ of a mile away. Can you move your ears and better still can you move one completely independently from the other one? No, well your dog can and through being able to do this they can pick up on even more sounds than we can. Do not always assume that when your dog is barking at 3am he/she has not heard anything just because you cannot hear any noise does not mean that your dog cannot.

The canines out smart us again I am afraid with their sense of smell. It has been said that a dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than ours; scientists claim that we mere humans possess 40 million receptors in our noses whilst our dogs have about 2 billion! This is why dogs are used for such jobs as search and rescue and seeking out drugs, their noses are designed to track.

The actual taste sense is much the same between us and our canine chums and in both of us taste is close together with smell. We do not tend to consume something if it does not smell good whilst dogs will basically eat just about anything and everything, if it smells bad a dog will eat it and think about it later when they have a poorly tummy. We eat very much with our eyes first, if an item looks tasty we will eat it if we are presented with something that looks horrible then the chances are high that we will not eat it. Dogs do not give a second thought to how something looks prior to eating it.

We are more or less equal with the touch sense although we do have the slight edge on dogs with this sense as ours is more sophisticated, they can feel touch throughout their whole body just as we can and this is why you will often discover your faithful hound cuddling into you whilst you sit and watch television. They like to feel close to you and nothing compares to a happy and contented dog curling up with you on a long, winter’s night.

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