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The Fetch Command

How many of us daft dog owners actually go and ‘fetch’ the ball on behalf of our dogs? Probably quite a few, including myself!
You feel a bit of an idiot because you have launched the ball halfway across your local park and your dog is still standing loyally by your side with a look on his / her face that lies somewhere between total confusion and complete bewilderment.

The ‘fetch’ command should be an important part of your training regime with your dog, playing a good old game of fetch can be a wonderful bonding experience for an owner and his / her pooch. On a more serious note it is employed by the police to train their dogs to catch criminals and also within the field of search and rescue, the search dogs are instructed to ‘fetch’ the missing person.

Now a very basic method of teaching your dog this command is to use 2 balls or toys. Ensure whatever they are that they are completely identical and that your dog loves to play with them.

Place your dog on its lead and hide the second toy in your pocket, show the first toy to your dog and proceed to throw it a short distance away. Now release your dog from the lead and say the word ‘fetch’ they will probably chase after the toy and even collect it in their mouth. Whilst your dog is walking back with the first toy, even if they only take a few tentative steps in your direction, show them the second toy.

Your dog will more than likely let go of the first toy, do nothing and just wait for your dog to return to you then place them back on their lead. Now throw the second toy and repeat your actions from before, say the word ‘fetch’ as you release your dog.
Whilst they are busy collecting the second toy go and pick up the first toy. Confused yet?! Probably not as confused as your dog! Repeat this game with the 2 toys for awhile and keep doing it on a daily basis.

Eventually you will discover that your dog is quite happily retrieving the 1 toy for you regularly and then you can simply cease using the 2 toys.

Just remember to keep your throws short so your dog does not lose track of the toy and also just keep certain toys reserved only as ‘fetch’ toys, do not allow your dog to play with these designated toys at any other time. Your dog will soon realise that these are deemed as special toys and the reward is just simply being permitted to play with them in a game of ‘fetch’ with you.

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