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The Canine Crown

Before you become carried away I am not talking about placing a crown on your dog’s head and declaring him king! I am talking about the shape of his head, have you ever wondered why your dog’s head is the shape that it is?

All dog breed characteristics have been hugely influenced by man and his selective breeding practices. If man deemed that a particular head shape served a purpose and indeed was useful and beneficial to the dog breed in question then he would go all out to create that perfect shape of head.

The faces and head shapes of dogs bred purely as guard dogs were actually bred and designed to resemble the wolf. It was thought that as the wild wolf was always considered to be a menacing creature and a force not to be reckoned with that if guard dogs resembled it they would place the same feeling of fear into anyone breaking in as a wolf would.

Bulldogs were created with a huge, undershot jaw. The jaw was designed in this way to be employed as a ferocious weapon during the dog’s fighting matches.

Dog breeds intended for racing or indeed for chasing down prey were created with thin, long and especially streamlined heads for sheer speed.

Some of the head shapes were actually created to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. A lot of dogs just bred to be companion breeds were given big, soulful eyes and almost flattened looking faces to appear almost human-like.

Pugs were always thought of as ‘human babies’ and many were dressed up in doggy clothes at various dog shows and awards were given for the most humanised Pug!

Now all you need to do is ascertain why your particular faithful friend has the shape head that he / she does!

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