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The Bulldog

The Bulldog traces back to England and they are often confused with the American and French bulldog but it’s not the same dog – they do however have similarities in appearance.  They have a very wide head and broad shoulders with very thick skin folds on the brow and wide set eyes. They normally weigh between 50 – 55lbs and 12 – 14 inches in height. Their drooping, sad lips will melt your heart! The name Bulldog originates from medieval times, the dogs used to attach bulls in the arena combat but in the nineteenth century laws prevented this from continuing.
Even though they look sad most of the time, they are very friendly dogs but can be very stubborn at times! They generally have no problems getting along with kids or other pets which is why they are good family pets. If you have neighbors that complain easily, the Bulldog shouldn’t give you too much trouble because they don’t bark a lot and it’s easier to train them than for example a husky.

The Bulldog does not require a lot of exercise, they prefer not to which is why it’s important to check that you do not over feed your Bulldog.  They are perfect dogs if you have a small yard or even in an apartment, because they aren’t interested in exercise.  They are very sensitive to hot weather and they shouldn’t be over exerted in hot weather – if you stay in a country where summer gets very hot it’s advisable to put powder in the folds and wrinkles of your Bulldog to counteract the optimal environment for bacteria.

Health wise, the most important thing to remember is to never let them be in very warm areas such as your car or outside without any shade. They easily overheat, but can be avoided if you plan well. They have small windpipes which could cause breathing problems – but this is not a problem with all Bulldogs.

The grooming procedure of a Bulldog is much easier and low key than some other dog breeds. Comb the short coat once a week – this will minimize the shedding, which is already very little. Your dog might also enjoy this experience because you spend time with him or her and they are being pampered. Use a damp cloth once a day to wipe the face, especially in-between the folds.

The Bulldog will be a loving companion to adults or children! If you look after them, they will cherish you in return. Even though they are lovely pets, they are not guard dogs at all and you should keep this and all of the above in mind when you consider adding a Bulldog to your family!

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