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Teaching Your New Puppy

Numerous puppy owners face the same dilemma when starting out with their first puppy, when exactly do they start their training? The simple answer is as soon as possible, the hard part is actually following this through!

As we all know puppies are cute, no matter what their breed and this cuteness leads to problems for most people. Training must include discipline, even a non-coercive method of dog training must have a level of discipline for your puppy to comprehend, the difficulty arises when the time comes to gaze upon those melting eyes and adopt a more serious tone.

The sooner you begin training your puppy the better though as this will allow time for your pup to ‘tune’ in to you and your way of training.

So what do you teach first? Well the most natural position for your puppy to adopt will be a sitting one so this is a good place to begin and whilst you are doing this you can also teach your puppy their name. Take a tasty, healthy doggy treat which is designed for puppies and ensure that your pup can clearly see it, now move the treat slowly back over the puppy’s head and repeat their name and the command ‘sit.’

Your pup will naturally sit down without even realizing it as their gaze will automatically follow the treat passing over their head.

There are numerous training exercises which can be carried out indoors prior to your puppy venturing outside and these are commands that should be mastered by your puppy before they are eventually let off their lead. You can teach them how to ‘wait’ which is a massive advantage when they are off lead and they can learn how to ‘fetch’ in the comfort of their home and garden.

The initial training exercise when you and your puppy move outside is the ‘recall’ command, for this you will require a training line as this saves letting your pup off the lead, you can save this ‘heart in mouth’ moment until later! Then there are the joys of teaching your puppy to walk to heal but that will also come later. To begin with you need to use the time that your puppy cannot go out and about and begin valuable training exercises from the start indoors.

A big part of the time spent with your new pup should be about your relationship together and bonding with one another, the time you take now in the early days will pay off when your cute puppy has become an adult dog.

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