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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks or so they say. Some people are firm believers of this old adage but it is simply not true.
Sure an older dog might take longer to learn certain commands but this does not mean that they cannot be taught with a lot of patience and understanding.

The initial point to remember is that an older dog has probably been trained during its life already. Whether he / she have been trained to your individual standards or not is a different question! Your ‘older’ canine friend will have its own interpretation of training and its own idea of the behaviour that is acceptable.

What you need to do is to reprogram the way that your dog thinks. A basic example could be that prior to you owning your dog it was living on a farm and whilst there it protected the farm from unknown visitors and predators.

Now your dog is living in a completely new environment and being asked to leave your other pets and visitors alone, the problem is that to your dog he / she is not doing their job correctly. So you now have to reprogram your dog to accept this new way of life and to live peacefully.

The best method of doing this is by lots of encouragement but at the same time leaving your dog to have its own space when required. Allow your dog to investigate the whole house and garden when they arrive so they can become accustomed to their new surroundings.

With older dogs remember to use lots of patience and praise, keep the training sessions short just as you would for a puppy. The only difference between training puppies and older dogs is the time duration taken to learn commands and that is all.

The older dog is just as capable at learning new ‘tricks’ as a puppy so just have faith and believe in your faithful friend.

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