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Taking Care of a Pug

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Having a pet and taking care of it is already a complicated task. But taking care of a pug is even a bit more complicated especially if it’s you’re first time to take care of one.

Before deciding to get a pug, owners should strongly consider the downsides of having one. Pugs are very friendly dogs. In fact, pugs are highly recommended for families with babies and children. Unfortunately, pug puppies and dogs tend to have higher possibilities of having different kinds of health problems if their owners cannot take care of them properly. Pugs also require more veterinary attention than other dog breeds. Not all pug puppies have the same health condition, but most do.

Now, how do we take care of pugs? First of all, pug’s facial folds and wrinkles should be cleaned regularly or at least once a month. Moisture tends to buildup in the spaces between these wrinkles. When left unnoticed, moisture can cause moderate to serious infection on your pug puppy’s skin. Like other dogs, a pug’s coat should be brushed at least once a week. Pugs shed a lot therefore regular brushing of their fur can minimize excessive shedding.

Pugs have very narrow ear canals making them prone to different ear infections so it is highly recommended to keep them clean and dry at all times.  Their nails have to be cut regularly too to avoid getting caught in things like blankets and mattresses.

Pugs have shorter snouts compared to other dogs. Because of this reason, they are susceptible to eye injuries like scratched cornea, entropion, proptosis, cataracts and other eye problems. Pug puppies should not be left alone outside. High and low temperatures can cause instant death to pugs because their pushed-in face gives them a shorter breathing passage. Having your puppy checked by a veterinarian at the very first unusual change in his breathing patterns can greatly reduce the risk of more serious conditions.

Dental care is also important for pugs. As for bathing, pugs love being in the water more than any dogs. But be careful not to let water in their ears. Also, keep the shampoo away from his eyes.

All the efforts for your beloved pug will all be worth it. Pugs are very lovable puppies. They are considered as one the most charming and amiable breeds. They are mostly calm even when there are playing children around. Even though they require the most sensitive care among other breeds, the emotional security they can give their masters is more than enough to invest and take care of them.

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