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How smart is your Dog?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Yes, dogs are smart too. It’s not unusual to hear a dog owner shout ‘clever dog’ to their pet.

Intelligence is an elusive quality. Animals, as well as humans, learn how to solve different problems by interacting with their environments. Using trial and error or observation, an intelligent individual can learn to predict the outcome of his actions accurately and deal with it in the most appropriate manner. Measuring problem solving skills can help us assess and determine the intelligence quotient or IQ of a certain individual. Persistent individuals will try to make several attempts before giving up, thus, creating more opportunities to learn and higher chance to succeed. For this reason, persistence and intelligence are both complimentary traits in evaluating an IQ.

Canine intelligence is the ability of your dog to learn, understand, think and solve problems. Dog owners as well as dog trainers, experts and researchers find it difficult to agree on a specific method for testing canine intelligence. Experiments and tests are formulated by different individuals with different perception of what they believe is a smart dog.

Many people believe that dogs think the same way as humans do but their brains may function differently when it comes to data processing. For example, while humans pay a lot more attention on the details of physical features, canines, most specifically dogs, focus less on these details and give more importance on processing motion and scent.

If you want to determine how smart your dog is, there are different tests available online to give you the results you wanted. These tests are mostly composed of questions about your dog’s behavior and each option has a corresponding point to it. Of course, you need to answer it for your dog. Like human IQ test, there is no right or wrong answers. These questions are purely formulated to determine dog’s IQ.

These tests can be considered as logical and scientific explanation of your dog’s behavior. Results may be positive or negative. But we as their owners are the ones who can truly understand out pet’s behavior. Keep in mind that being disappointed with the results is not good for you and your pet as well.

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