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History of Siberian Husky Dogs

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Siberian Husky puppies are very attractive and much more attractive when they grow up. Aside from their wolf-like face features, their thick double-coat fur gives them a very physically attractive appearance. Siberian Husky puppies originated in Eastern Siberia and Russia. These dogs are considered as one of the oldest breeds of dogs.  The term “husky” is the corrupted nickname derived from “Esky” that refers to Eskimos that are good in moving in snowy roads and places.

The first breed of huskies was raised by the Chukchi tribes. Chukchi are Siberian Nomads that need these huskies to provide them a fast and economical transportation on the frozen land. Siberian Huskies can swiftly cover long distances with minimum food requirement. Aside from being a transportation helper, these dogs also served as a furry and soft pillow for Chukchi tribe children. With the help of these dogs, the entire Chukchi tribes were not only able to survive, but to push forth into the discovery of terra incognita or the unknown land.

Being sled dogs, Siberian Huskies are nurtured by the Chukchi tribe with mutual respect and understanding. Through years of cross-breeding the modern Siberian Huskies have changed a lot but they still have the original qualities that made them Chukchi’s tribe prized possession.

These dogs have become popular when they started to win Alaskan races in 1908. Siberian Husky dogs were introduced in the United States in the same year by an Alaskan fur trader. The first group of Siberian Huskies was seen in the “All-Alaska Sweepstakes”, a 408 mile dog sled race starting from Nome to Candle and back. After this sled race, these dogs dominated Nome Sweepstakes.

Siberian Huskies have proven their worth during Navy Rear Admiral Richard Byrd’s journey around the 16,000 mile Antarctica coast. During this expedition, Byrd brought 50 Siberian Husky dogs with him that were trained in New Hampshire.

Togo was the most popular and most traveled Siberian Husky dog in Alaska. He is one of the most outstanding dogs led by Leonhard Seppala, the foremost breeder of Siberian Huskies at that time. Togo has played a very important role in saving lives in Nome.  In January 1925, a deadly diphtheria epidemic poised to sweep through the lives of Nome’s young people. Unfortunately, the only aircraft that can get the serum from Anchorage and back is not working. Therefore, they had to resort in using sled dogs as a mode of transportation.

Seppala’s team lead by Togo, ran the most dangerous and longest leg of the 91 miles relay including the treacherous stretch over the ice of Norton Sound. Togo, unerringly led the team through a 40mph gale where the wind chill was almost 80 below zero. The team covered more than 200 miles from Nome and back for the serum run.

Siberian Huskies nowadays have pedigrees tracing back to Seppala’s great racing dogs. From their puppyhood, these dogs have shown more than enough agility to serve their masters.

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