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History of Puggle

Friday, June 10th, 2011

The first ever puggle puppy was first bred in 1990s by Wallace Havens. The name is a portmanteau following the naming of the designer dog’s crossbreeding trend. Havens is a Wisconsin breeder who coined and registered “puggle” breed to the American Canine Hybrid Club an organization that keeps track of new hybrids of dogs.

Puggle puppies are crossbreeds from a beagle and a pug parent. Although puggles have only been around for less than ten years, not much information about them is available. There were probably at least a few puggles back in the years that they were just considered as mutts. But now, being an offspring of two popular breeds, puggles have become very popular not only in Hollywood but also as a household pet.

Although puggles are not purebred, they can generally be sold for more than the price of a beagle or a pug. This is because they are rather unique breed of dogs in the world. Not many Puggles get bred compared to Pugs and Beagles, so they are limited in numbers. The demand for Puggle puppies is continuously increasing because more and more owners want unique pets.

These puppies are highly recommended as indoor pets and have the capability to adapt themselves in a small place or apartment. A puggle puppy is notoriously stubborn but it can be trained with some love and perseverance. Feeding requirements include at least two small to medium meals a day and decent amount of water to drink. Puggle puppies are also prone to obesity, dog diet featuring high-quality premium dog foods are highly recommended.

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