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How to Teach a Dog to Stay

Monday, August 26th, 2013

If you are a pet owner, it is important for you to train your dog to respond to at least basic pet commands. Commands are not just something to do because you want to teach your do a few tricks, however; basic commands can help to keep you, your dog, and other animals and people that interact with your dog safe and happy. You don’t need to teach your dog to shake hands or roll over or do athletic feats–but you should teach your dog basic commands because they are important to the overall socialization and well-being of your dog. In other words, basic commands will help your dog learn better etiquette, such as knowing that they should not jump up on house guests or get up on certain pieces of furniture.

How_to_Teach_a_Dog_to_StayOne of the most basic commands that many pet owners start off with when they are training their puppy or older dog is “Stay.” Stay is a command that requires persistence, especially with dog breeds that are known for stubbornness and independence, but it does have several key benefits. The “stay” command can help pet owners keep their dogs from running off and—in many cases—running into trouble. For example: If a pet owner invites a houseguest over that their dog is likely to injure because of how excited they get when someone comes in the door—such as a child being jumped on by a large dog—then the “stay” command will keep the dog away from the child until the pet owner can allow them to safely interact.

It is fairly easy to teach most dogs the “stay” command. If you have not yet taught your dog to “sit,” you will need to accomplish that training before you tackle “stay.”

Let’s take a look at the most basic steps which teach you how to train your dog to stay put. For the first few training sessions, you should probably take your dog to a quiet, more isolated area inside your house—as your training continues, practice the command in more crowded and noisy areas.

Step One

First, you will need to put leash on your dog’s collar; if they do not ordinarily go out on a leash for walks, you will need to purchase a leash solely for this training exercise.

Step Two

 Next, you will need to command your dog to sit.

Step Three

Now it is time to give the command. Give the verbal command—“Stay”—while accompanying it with a physical hand gesture. The most common hand gesture used for this command is an open palm facing the dog.

Step Four

Walk away from the dog, while still holding the leash to ensure they do not get away—you should still maintain your hand gesture. If your dog moves, walk back to your previous position and repeat steps one through three.

Step Five

Once your dog has stayed for a long enough periods, allow them to come to you and praise them for job well done.