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The Barking Birddog – Finnish Spitz

Monday, July 15th, 2013

The Finnish Spitz, classified as a non sporting dog, is a breed well known for its foxlike appearance, plumed tail, and agile athletic ability.

A brief history of the Finnish Spitz

Finnish_SpitzExisting records of Finnish Spitzes can be found dating as far back as several centuries ago, although some breeders believe that the Finnish Spitz was developed even further back than the existing records indicate. The breed was originally developed from a group of specially chosen Spitz-type dogs, which once inhabited the area of central Russia. Tribes and villages in the Finnish-area, which were more northern, chose selective traits which would suit their particular needs. Finnish Spitzes were used to help men find food, which is why the breed was developed with a keen hunting ability and athletic, agile bodies.

In the late 19th century, the advent of more advanced types of transportation allowed for the Finnish Spitz–and its owners–to travel to different destinations. The breed began to be bred with many other types of dogs, and as a result, the pure Finnish Spitz line was in danger of becoming extinct as its own breed. However, a Finnish sportsman named Hugo Roos decided to select pure Finnish Spitzes for breeding in order to bring the Finnish Spitz back from the brink of extinction.


The breed is well known for its foxlike appearance. Typically, the Finnish Spitz reaches about 17 to 20 inches in height at the shoulders, and weighs about 26 to 30 lbs. Female Finnish Spitzes are usually smaller than their male counterparts, often reaching about 15 to 18 inches in height at the shoulders and weighing only 16 to 22 lbs. Like many Northern breeds, the Finnish Spitz has a double coat to help keep it warm in colder weather. Their unique, plumed tail curls down over their back and is often kept long and thick to give it a soft, plush appearance. The most common colors of Finnish Spitz are hues of red, brown and gold.

Personality wise, the Finnish Spitz is known to be an energetic, alert, and friendly to family members. The breed does need one or two long, active walks each day in addition to regular indoor play time to satisfy their need for exercise and stimulation. They are known to be especially good with children and family members, although they are known to be aloof or cold with strangers that they do not know.

Did you know? Trivia

  • The Finnish Spitz is the national dog of Finland
  • The breed was originally developed in the villages of what is now Finland as a hunting and tracking dog, which helped its owners find food in thick and dense forests.
  • Their golden-red, foxlike color as puppies often causes puppies of the breed to be called “fox puppies.”
  • Dewclaws, or “Dog’s thumb,” have been known to occur on the front or back paws of this breed. Dewclaws are extra digits which are often located high on the paw, so that they never touch the ground.