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Puppy Exercisese

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Just like humans, puppies need exercises too. In fact, doing this routine regularly can benefit your pet in many ways. If you plan on taking care of a puppy or you already have one, it is your responsibility as their owner to take into consideration of your pet’s exercise schedule for different reasons.

As for example, walking – regular walk is the simplest form of exercise you can give your dog. It counts as cardiovascular exercises as well. Cardiovascular exercises for pets can strengthen their body muscles, lung function and immune system too. Proper routine exercises can help improve puppy’s energy level as well. Since their stamina is being challenge, more energy is stored after each “session”.

This routine flows into the other benefit of puppy exercise – attention.  Giving your puppy the adequate attention it needs will surely have different positive impacts as they grow into a dog. The first thing it can do is make your puppy become and feel more social therefore avoiding behavioral issues in the future. This attention brought by a one-on-one exercise routine can also be bonding time between you and your pet at the same time. This will come in extremely invaluable when you plan to start training your puppy. Tunnel exercises routine for puppies can also develop their strength and agility.

Exercise for puppies can also reduce anxiety symptoms making them less nervous and rest calmly when left alone. Lack of exercise in puppies may lead to heart ailments, poor muscle tone, bone disorders and obesity. There are times when it may even lead to serious emotional and behavioral problems.

Generally speaking, dogs that don’t exercise have higher possibility of developing both emotional and physical disorders compare to dogs and puppies that exercise regularly. It is our responsibility as their owners to keep them healthy and happy at the same time, therefore puppy exercises should be part of our pet’s daily routine.

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