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Three Ways to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Few things are less desirable to a dog owner than a dog that jumps on them—or guests—when they walk through the door. A dog might accidentally knock over your packages or grocery bags, you’re your clothing, or get dirt on your new coat. Unwanted jumping behavior in a dog can be more than a nuisance—it can be dangerous! This is especially true for strong dogs and larger breeds, who do not realize their own strength. The key to solving this unwanted behavior in a dog is to train your dog to stop jumping on people without permission. There are several ways that you can train your dog to stop jumping on people; the following are the three most common ways to train your dog to stop jumping.

Method 1: Use the Ignore Method

Can_a_Dog_Be_Impossible_to_TrainThe ignore method involves ignoring your dog when it exhibits jumping behavior until it exhibits a desirable behavior, after which it is rewarded and praised.

To use this method, use the following steps:

Step 1: As soon as the dog’s feet leave the ground, turn your back on the dog.

Step 2: Ignore the dog, even if it is jumping up and pawing at your back or your legs. If the dog runs around in front of you, turn your back again and continue to ignore thedog.

Step 3: Continue to ignore the dog until it exhibits a desirable behavior, such as sitting, laying down, or standing still. As soon as the dog exhibits this behavior, turn your attention on the dog and reward them with praise and petting. Repeat until the dog stops exhibiting jumping behavior.

Method 2: Use the Sit Method

The sit method involves teaching your dog to sit instead of exhibiting jumping behavior. To use this method, use the following steps:

Step 1: Teach your dog how to sit, if you haven’t already taught your dog this command.

Step 2: When you are coming into the home or leaving–whenever your dog tends to exhibit jumping behavior–give your dog the “Sit” command before they jump on you.

Step 3: Do not give your dig positive attention unless they sit down. Eventually, the dog will learn that you want them to “sit” before you greet them.

Method 3: Use the Toy Method

Some dogs are simply too excitable to achieve much benefit from the sit or ignore method. For these dogs, owners will likely see results by using the toy method, which uses a toy distraction, rather than sitting or ignoring. To use this method, use the following steps:

Step 1: Place one or more of your dog’s favorite toys by the front door.

Step 2: When you enter or exit the home, draw your dog’s attention to the toy rather than you, to help direct their excited energy from jumping on you into playing with the toy.

Step 3: Repeat every time you enter or exit the house. Eventually, the dog will likely realize that they prefer to play with their toys than jump on you when you enter the house.