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History of Bearded Collie

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

During the ancient times, Bearded Collie puppies were known in different names. Some of these common names where they were recognized were Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog, Mountain Scotch Collie, Loch Collie, Hairy Moued Collie and Hairy Moued Collie. Today this dog breed is most commonly known as “Beardie”. This breed became popular during the last half of the 20th century.

When someone heard the “Collie” as part of its name, they often relate this breed to the famous Lassie, a Rough Collie that made it to the television and the big screen. In reality, there is no relation between the two breeds. The word “Collie” in Bearded Collie refers to its origin that describes its function.

This breed of dogs was recognized to be the oldest breeds in Britain. There were different stories and theories about the real origin of this breed. The most common theory was that Bearded Collie comes from cross breeding Polish Lowland Sheepdog. A pair of this breed was brought to Scotland by Polish traders. From this pair, a hardy breed of canine was born.

For years, Bearded Collies are used for herding and assisting various farm duties. This was the reason why this breed was known to be one of the most recognized working dogs in history. Bearded Collie has earned their nickname “bouncing Beardie” because they would work in thick underbrush on hillsides.

The working Bearded Collie has become less common in the last few decades. Unlike other breed of dogs, these dogs were not bred in US during that time. The Bearded Collie did not make it onto American soil until the late 1950s, and was not bred in America until 1967.

Today, Bearded Collie has become one of the most popular in puppies for sale UK shops. Aside from soft fur, they are surely worth to have inside the house as pets.

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