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Puppy Profile: Basenji

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Basenji dogs are elegant and posed hunting dog from Africa. They are commonly known as “barkless dogs” because they will not bark or make any noise unless they feel excited. Basenjis can also “woof” when they are startled and can shriek loudly when they are in pain. Basenji dogs are commonly referred to as the shrieking dog, or screaming child dog. Basenji’s coat may vary from brindle or pure black, and chestnut red. Most of them have white chest, tail tip and feet.

Basenji dogs are naturally small in body built. They are short haired with erected ears and curled tails. Their physical appearance is always compared to a deer. Both young and old Basenji’s dog forehead is wrinkled.  They have almond eyes that give them a seriously squinting appearance. Most of these dogs weigh 11 kg (24 lbs) and stand up to 40.6 cm (16 inches) at the withers. They are considered as a “square breed” of dogs that literally means they are long as they are tall. Basenji dogs are confident and graceful dogs. They are also deceptively powerful for their size.

These dogs are energetic, alert, and curious. They are affectionate for their owners but are reserved for visitors and strangers. Basenji dogs have the possibility to become emotionally attached to a single person in the household. Their relationship with other canines may not be as good as their relationship with their owners. It can be described as speedy, frisky, tireless at play, and teasing the owner into play.

Basenji dogs don’t like wet weathers. They enjoy activities like climbing where they can get over wire fences easily compare to other dogs. Aside from this, they know how to make a way in order to achieve or get something they want.

Basenji dogs like to stand on their hind legs, like a meerkat, by themselves or leaning on something; this is their very common behavior that is often observed especially when they are curious about some things. Basenjis reveal their animal-of-prey nature by chasing after fast moving objects that cross their paths.

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