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Table Manners

The table is set and the food smells delicious, the guests have arrived and everyone is looking forward to their meal including your dog!
There he / she sits looking pleadingly up at your guests with imploring eyes, simply willing them to drop some food in their general direction. You feel embarrassed and apologise on your dog’s behalf making an excuse such as, ‘the dog was like it when you acquired it.’ The truth of the matter is that you have, unwittingly, probably made your canine chum ‘beg’  for titbits in this way.

If you cast your mind back you will undoubtedly remember those times when you gave in and discreetly slipped your pooch a tasty treat from your plate. The next time you eat a meal your dog is obviously going to be looking for a treat again.

We all have the best intentions when we begin with our dogs, promising ourselves that we will not give in no matter how cute they look. We are all human though and eventually we melt.

The trick now though is how to make the behaviour stop. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you do not reward the behaviour at all; this does not just mean rewarding by feeding your dog a treat but by not even acknowledging the behaviour.

All the people that share your dog’s home must adhere to the same rule of not giving in however appealing your dog appears. Now once you begin to ignore your dog’s behaviour you will discover that the real battle of wills starts!

Your pooch is not going to appreciate being ignored and will more than likely air his / her views very loudly indeed. Do not reward this by shouting at your dog. Do nothing and make sure that you stand firm this is imperative, you must not show weakness.

This needs to be continued and eventually your dog will become bored and stop ‘begging’ for food.

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