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Summer Walks

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and this time of year many dog owners are thinking about travelling further a field with their dogs. There are so many varying walks to enjoy from woodlands and beaches to moorlands and nature reserves.

When you are out in the sun, do not forget your dog’s safety when it comes to sunburn, sounds strange I know, but our canine chums can actually suffer from both sunburn and heatstroke. Dogs that are predominantly white in colour are more prone to sunburn therefore you may need to apply some sun cream to the areas at greater risk, the nose on a white dog is especially susceptible to catching the sun’s rays. Your dog will probably attempt to rub all the sun cream off as quickly as you apply it so try to pop it on when he/she is occupied with something far more interesting then the sun cream!

I find whilst I am actually out walking is a good time, just pop it in your rucksack or pocket, then whilst your pooch is busy taking in the sights pop some on them. You can also purchase an array of visor type hats for dogs if you think your dog will keep one on then this is a good option.

Always remember water as if you have not visited the area before you cannot guarantee there will any rivers or lakes for your hot and thirsty dog to drink from. The great thing nowadays is the variety of foldable water bowls available on the market; you can literally fold them up so small they will fit nicely into a pocket. Water containers need not be cumbersome either as there are many that will clip well onto a belt or slip nicely over your hand (much the same as joggers use). Do not take it for granted that the location you are visiting allows dogs as some do not, always ensure you check first as there is nothing worse than turning up with an excited pooch only to discover that they are not allowed.

Beaches are a brilliant place to visit with your dog but again make certain you check the ‘dog rules’ first. Some beaches allow dogs but only in certain areas of the beach and you will normally find that the areas allowed are marked out well, also some beaches do not tolerate dogs during the busier summer months but will let them on the beach throughout the winter.

If you go to a beach with your dog and intend staying for awhile then pick an area of the beach that offers your pooch some much needed shade or pack up a parasol so your dog can access a shady place if required. Remember water as the seawater is not good for your dog as it is salty. Control your dog at all times as not everyone sitting on the beach is ‘dog friendly’ so do not allow your dog, however friendly they are, to simply run up to all and sundry!

Last but certainly not least, always remember bags to clean up after your dog. Most locations that state they are dog friendly will have dog bins in place. Enjoy the summer with your dog and make the most of both the beautiful weather and the stunning locations.

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