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Summer Destinations

The beautiful weather is here at last and after a long, cold and endless winter, we are all looking forward to some lovely dry walks with our dogs. There are so many locations to head for that we are spoilt for choice.

The important thing is to always plan ahead; don’t run the risk of being bitterly disappointed upon arrival when you discover dogs aren’t allowed! More and more beaches are now accepting dogs but you’ll probably come across certain rules, some will actually corner off a section purposely for visiting pooches. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing although you may feel restricted at least you can still walk your canine companion on a lovely, sandy beach.

Some beaches permit dogs at certain times of the day throughout the busy summer months, generally when the beaches aren’t so packed with people. This is a good thing as crowds of people and excited dogs don’t always mix that well with one another, all the flying sand and wet paw scenario doesn’t appeal to everyone.

There are beaches where dogs are strictly prohibited throughout the summer but more than welcome throughout the winter. This is perfect for a quieter walk although remember on the popular surfing beaches you’ll still discover several people as for them the winter surf is usually better than the summer surf as the waves are higher. If a beach welcomes dogs then it’s guaranteed to have a doggy bin somewhere if not on the actual beach then in the car-park area. Always clean-up after your pooch as it’s not only hygienic it’s good manners.

If you fancy a cliff top walk with your dog, just remember the cliff edge is very steep and keep your dog on a lead if you can’t keep it close to you without one. Take care with throwing toys for your dog, as they won’t consider that their ball has just flown over the edge of the cliff and it’s not safe to chase it, your dog will fly over the edge to catch it.

Fields and woodlands are other popular destinations for dog walks. If your dog’s not used to livestock then ensure you pop it on a lead when passing through fields containing animals, this is for your dog’s safety as much as for the animals. A startled animal can easily injure a dog with a swift kick so be careful not to let your pooch run around trying to say ‘hello’ to all the animals.

Woodlands are great places to enjoy a lovely dog walk just be careful not to lose your place! The problem with woods is that all the trees look the same and you can’t always rely on your ‘best friend’ to guide you back to the car! The best option is to remain on a main pathway, the moment you venture off on little side routes is the moment you become lost. If it’s a new wood to you beware of ponds looming up on you when you least expect them, the last thing you want is for your dog to take an unexpected dip in a pond. Your dog probably wouldn’t be too keen on the idea either as the water will probably be quite dirty.

Apply some good old common sense when you’re out and about with your pooch and you’ll both be fine. Enjoy the warm and dry weather whilst it’s with us!

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