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Strains and Sprains

When your dog starts to limp for no apparent reason it is vital that you check a few things out yourself rather than dashing straight to the vet, there are certain things that you can do to assist your dog without having to visit a vet at all.
Firstly ascertain which paw / leg your dog is holding up and is reluctant to place on the ground. Then check your dog’s pads on the foot that they are having problems with, it could be that a simple object such as a piece of twig or even a thorn has become lodged in one of their pads. If this is the case then gently but quickly remove the item with a pair of tweezers or similar.

A good product to smooth on the area afterwards is a cream containing Tea Tree. There are several available for both cats and dogs and they are designed for small, minor  wounds, cuts, scratches and burns. The cream will just cool the area down and make the paw feel easier for your dog.

If you cannot observe any obvious items within your dog’s pad then gently move the leg around and take note if your dog happens to show signs of discomfort or flinch at all whilst you are moving the leg. Look for signs of swelling, bruising or any visible cuts and scratches.

Your dog may not have any signs other than simply limping if this is true then note what they do with the effected leg. Is your dog placing their paw on the floor tentatively and attempting to put pressure on it? Is the leg kept off the floor completely? Does your dog squeak at all when the paw is touched?

The best course of action that you can take is to ensure that your dog rests as much as possible, no long throws of their ball and not too much excitement.

When your dog awakes from a long rest do not be alarmed if they struggle to find their footing to begin with as their leg would have ‘slept’ with them for the duration and they will more than likely have developed cramp whilst sleeping.

If they are struggling a fair bit then gently massage the leg for them, dogs generally like this sensation and find it comforting, then encourage them to slowly walk around and this will then help the blood to flow through the limb once again.

If you are concerned and nothing appears to be helping then seek a vet’s opinion, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

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