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Smart or Not?

Is your canine chum a regular little Einstein or more of a comic act when it comes to intelligence? Proud dog owners worldwide will now be hollering at their computer screens, ‘intelligent definitely, my dog is so clever.’
I wonder how many are actually being honest? It is nothing to be ashamed of if your pooch lacks a certain common sense gene, believe me a lot do.

A lot of dog owners simply expect their dog to be as switched on as they are, they very mistakenly assume that their beloved pooch should be on the same wavelength as them. When they train their dog they treat them as though they are human. Owners should not assess their dog’s learning abilities upon themselves.

Your dog is not daft, stupid or dim simply because he / she does not understand the command you are attempting to teach. Far from it, maybe you should assess your training methods before labelling your canine friend so harshly.

Occasionally an owner may not be using the correct ‘props’ to achieve results with their particular dog. You might be trying to coax your pooch to sit by waving a toy in front of their nose when actually they are more of a food orientated dog. If you discover that you are not progressing anywhere by using a toy then swap this item for a food treat, I bet your dog will soon park their behind on the floor for this!

It needs to be mentioned that not all dogs within a breed specific group will naturally possess the same amount of intelligence as each other. People assume that the Border collie is a far superior breed of dog as far as intelligence goes.

Okay, well if this is true then perhaps someone could kindly explain to me why my late Border collie ran headlong into a tree whilst chasing a squirrel, of course the squirrel ran up the tree but my dog, alas did not! Or why my current Border collie snaps at bees and wasps and tries his best to catch them.

The Border collie on the whole is smart but this is purely due to the fact that they learn quickly other breeds are just as clever but they learn at a slower speed.

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