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Settle Down

Ever had one of those moments when you wish your canine chum would just settle down for a moment whilst you speak on the phone or answer the door? We love our dogs dearly and we would not be without them but sometimes it would be handy if they had a ‘remove the batteries now’ facility! You could then have complete silence instantly even just for a few minutes or so.

Some dogs pace and do not seem to relax, they might not be making a noise as such but this sort of behaviour can be just as undesirable as a barking dog, it can drive an owner crazy watching their dog pacing up and down.

Now if you wish to alter the behaviour you have to interrupt it whilst it is happening, you can carry this training out with your dog either on a lead or off lead whichever you find easiest however if you are doing it with your dog off lead you must be confident that he/she will focus on you completely and follow you.

When your dog begins the behaviour, either whining, barking or pacing, put their lead on or encourage them to follow you to the location that you wish to be their ‘quiet place’ this spot could be anything from a doggy blanket to dog bed in your kitchen. Do not use their favourite sleeping location as their ‘quiet place’ though because this could be deemed as a form of punishment, your dog will then associate their sleeping place as a place they are asked to go to when they are being unruly.

Whilst you are presenting this new area to your faithful friend say a phrase such as, ‘find your quiet place’ or ‘go to relax’ this should just be said in a soft voice to your dog. Always remember that this must not be observed as a punishment by your dog but rather just a request by you, they are simply being asked nicely to allow you some ‘timeout’ and a little quiet time. Of course you do not have to stick to just the one ‘quiet place’ you could invent several around your house and then your dog has a selection to choose from.

Once your dog is in the spot with you ask him/her to lie down, when your dog adopts the position correctly you must praise and reward with a small treat. Stay with your dog for awhile and encourage them to remain in the lying down position and to relax.

Now ask them to wait and slowly begin to walk away keeping one eye on your dog the whole time, if they leave the spot quickly on the first few times do not fret simply practice with them several times throughout the day for a week or two. Your aim is for your dog to remain in their quiet place until you actually call them to you, now this might seem impossible but it can be done and it is a very helpful command for your dog to learn.

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