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Sensitive Souls

Just like humans have different personalities and characters so do dogs, some are brave and fearless whilst others prefer to hide in the shadows, or behind their owner, until the potential danger has gone!

Then there are the clowns of the canine world always doing something funny to raise a laugh and the sensible and logical dogs, the ones which prefer to stay in when it is raining outside.

The dogs which I personally think are amazing are the ones I like to call the ‘Sensitive Souls’ of the doggy breeds, the dogs who are so tuned in with their owner’s thoughts and emotions that they seem to sense their every feeling. The dogs who always offer that comforting paw just at the precise moment it is needed the most, the ones that come running to you when you laugh with their tails wagging and the dogs who stay by your side when you are poorly.

These dogs are not from an individual breed, they are from numerous breeds. A butch and burly Rottweiler can be as sensitive towards its owner as a petite and pretty Chihuahua. The breed of dog is not important when it comes to sensitivity it is the dog’s personality which counts.

When you have a dog which is so in sync with you he/she honestly feels like your very best friend in the whole world. They are the first point of call for you when you feel anxious, sad, happy or unwell and they make you feel as though you are the most important person on the planet. They do not care if you have not brushed your hair that morning or if perhaps you are not wearing your make-up yet, they love you for who you truly are.

All dogs offer us unconditional love and that is one of their most appealing attributes but the sensitive dogs seem to offer just that bit extra to their owners, they worship them and it is their mission in life to ensure that their owners are safe and happy. A sensitive dog will also protect its owner from any potential dangers or threats, my male collie will always cross over and place himself between me and any men walking along as he obviously sees them as a potential problem. I just need to make sure he does not do this when Brad Pitt is walking along our street!

Living with a sensitive dog can be a challenge at times as trying to explain to them that sometimes you blow your nose when you are not actually upset can prove to be awkward.

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