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Do puppies and older dogs make friends with one another easily? Well the answer to this question really depends on both the pups and the older dog’s personality and character, so the initial question to ask prior to the introduction of a puppy to your older dog is, ‘what temperament does my dog have?’

Now if your dog is one of the ‘grumpy’ types, you know the sort I mean they always appear to have an opinion on just about everything in life. They do not generally take kindly to other dogs when out and about, not necessarily being aggressive as such but just letting them know not to come too close to them and invade their space. The ‘grumpy ones’ tend to growl if they are unsure and simply mutter and moan but never mean any harm!

If your dog is like this then perhaps they are best left as an only dog, they probably will not appreciate another dog sharing their home with them and especially as they are an older dog and they are used to living alone with their ‘pack’.

Placid, calm dogs which seem to be pretty tolerant are usually absolutely fine with puppies but there are still basic rules to follow.

The best starting point is to find a neutral place for them to be introduced, you do not have to leave your house but use a room which perhaps your older dog does not frequent very much, ensure that you do not let them meet within close proximity of the dog’s bed or favourite location. You need your dog to be completely relaxed and not at all threatened by the puppy’s arrival.

Now this next part is very important but also quite tricky to master, you need to remain perfectly calm and collected. Your dog will be observing your body language and we all know just how clever and very perceptive our canine chums can be! So smile and have fun with the situation, be positive with no negative thoughts at all and things should go well. Reassure both your dog and your new puppy with lots of verbal praise and encouragement; allow them to sniff each other and to investigate. Always be the one in control and show confidence, if they begin to growl at one another be extra vigilant and break up any misunderstandings which occur.

Respect your older dog and always confirm their position by not ignoring them and feeding, grooming and towel drying them first before your puppy.

As long as you apply common sense and patience there is no reason why youth and senior cannot accept one another.

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