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Selective Deafness

There are times when your dog just does not seem to hear you, the truth is they can probably hear you just fine but choose not to actually act upon anything you say! This is known as ‘selective deafness’ amongst dog owners.

Now when you welcome a new puppy into your home it is easy to forget that they do not know very much because they are still a baby, sure the parent dogs and the siblings would have taught the puppy a few things relating to being a dog. When it comes to understanding the human family well, your puppy is a complete novice.

You can tell your puppy to, ‘stop, leave, off, on, sit, stay’ until you are red in the face with frustration but what you must remember is that to your puppy you may as well be speaking in an alien language.

A young puppy has absolutely no concept of the English language and he/she does not even know their own name so they have a lot to learn. Puppies do learn quickly though and they become very capable of reading our body language and recognizing the tone of our voice. They are not born with an understanding of language and it is your job to teach them a basic vocabulary of their own.

Now if you are wishing to adopt an adult dog do not expect him/her to arrive ready programmed for your way of life you must be prepared to work with your dog as hard as you would if you were adopting a puppy. Adult dogs can be harder in some ways because they have already picked up some bad habits along the way.

The dog might well know some words but you will undoubtedly have more words and phrases which will be strange to him/her. Your new addition may know certain things by different words too, so where as you may say, ‘go to the garden’ your dog may know, ‘go outside’ these are only simple problems which can be easily rectified. You need to simply repeat the new words/phrases which you would like to work with and your dog will soon comprehend.

Remember with training puppies or dogs to be consistent and to use a non-coercive training method at all times. If you shout and scream at your dog the chances are that they will not do as you ask through being fearful, use a praise and reward system and your dog or puppy will soon learn to love and respect you. Puppies, just like human babies, do not know any language when they are born. You cannot even contemplate training your puppy until they display a grasp of basic words.

Teaching your puppy/dog their name is the initial training exercise as this is imperative for all the other training to follow. Simply repeat the chosen name on and off throughout the day and each time the puppy/dog shows a reaction give him/her a small treat. Then you can move on from this point with all the other commands.

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