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Reputable Dog Breeders

It can be a bewildering experience when it comes to purchasing your first puppy from a breeder. You obviously wish to ensure that you are dealing with an honest and reputable breeder as this way you can be sure you will obtain a happy, healthy and balanced puppy. What should you look for in a breeder?
If a breeder is willing to let you have any puppy you wish and not ask any questions then immediately be suspicious as a reputable breeder will only care about the puppy’s welfare. You should feel as though you have been put through a ‘question and answer session’ by the time a breeder has finished with you! They should wish to know your lifestyle, breed experience, your intentions for the puppy such as working, showing, agility etc,etc, house and garden size and so on. If a breeder is not satisfied by your answers they will not let a puppy go to you.

Some breeders will request that you sign a contract to state if you are not intending to breed from the puppy you will have it neutered/spayed, to inform the breeder if the puppy develops a medical condition and to also notify them if you can no longer care for the puppy. If you feel that the breeder has no interest in the puppy’s future and welfare then go to another breeder.

The breeder should possess all the relevant knowledge regarding the puppy’s pedigree and therefore should be able to answer any questions which you ask. You should be able to see the parent dogs.

You should be allowed to see where the puppies were raised and all of the puppies should be healthy and happy, the breeder should also have a health record for your puppy from birth to present day. The puppy should have been tested for any genetic disorders that could occur such as eye or hip problems, you need to ask for proof of this as there should be relevant certificates available.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the breeder then do not enter into an agreement with them and if you discover the puppies are unhealthy report your concerns to the RSPCA, remember if you buy a puppy from a disreputable breeder you are simply giving them the green light to continue breeding puppies purely for profit.

There are numerous reputable breeders out there and websites like ours will only list breeders which have been checked and are genuine with their puppies’ best interests at heart.

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