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Reading Your Dog

Do you know how to read your dog? Do you know when your canine friend is feeling stressed or when he/she needs their own personal space?
Most dog owners can tell when their pooch is happy or sad as these are pretty easy signs to read but what about all the other emotions that dogs go through? Dogs in general are marvellous creatures when you think about it because they are all living in an artificial arrangement really, it does not matter how loving their home is we are not and never will be dogs!

So dogs live with us even though we are obviously not of the canine persuasion ourselves. We should commend them on their adaptability as a species in the way that they cope with us humans.

Could we cope so well living with a pack of dogs? I personally think not; for one thing how would we possibly deal with life without our precious items such as the wide-screen television set, DVD’s, MP3 players and iPods and of course the ultimate the Xbox!

Your dog will become stressed from time to time with the modern way of life and this stress can manifest itself in numerous ways. Dogs might well lick their lips and their noses when they are feeling anxious about a situation or they could yawn a lot, yawning is not just a signal that dogs are tired it can be a sign of stress or excitement too.
They will turn their backs on the situation that they are finding worrying or they will move out of the way completely. These signs do not just display stress though they can also be employed by the dog to calm the situation down.

Usually if a dog is trying to appease either a person or another dog that is perhaps upsetting them they will wag their tails very slowly from side to side or they will take this a step further and literally wag their whole back end!

They will approach an uncertain situation slowly and sometimes with their heads in a downwards position. Dogs will very often resort to using puppy tactics such as licking people and other dogs to ensure everyone is happy and calm.

When we accept dogs into our lives and share our worlds with them we also take on the responsibility of assisting them to cope with our ‘alien’ world. Try not to place your dog in a stressful situation, learn about your dog’s personality type. If you notice your pooch employing any of the calming signals on you then learn to have fun and take time out for your faithful friend, yawn and have a stretch plonk yourself on the floor stick your behind in the air and have a game with your dog!

You will be amazed how responsive your dog will be because just for that magic moment you have entered the canine world and become one of them.

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