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Reading the signs

A high percentage of signs amongst dogs are the same from dog to dog, but occasionally they might differ. When your dog looks at you with an alert stare, it probably means he/she is asking for play, attention or just requesting his/her dinner. When a strange dog looks at you in the eyes, and stares, this is usually an aggressive sign. They are generally attempting to ‘sum’ you up.

Dogs use most of their bodies to communicate and to convey emotions. A dog’s ears are remarkable features; they say an incredible amount with them, putting me in mind of the signal flags they use to show aircraft the way on airfields!

They come in so many varying shapes and sizes too; from the drop, pendent ears of the Spaniel to the pricked up, erect ears of the Doberman, whatever shape a dog’s ears are they transmit so much information.

If their ears are raised slightly it means the dog is ‘happy’, raised high and the dog is asking ‘what is happening’, sweeping back and forth is saying ‘not sure how I feel’, flat and pinned back means ‘I’m afraid’, relaxed slightly, down and back the dog is saying, ‘I feel good’.

The hair running along the back of a dog’s neck is called the hackles, the first thought people have regarding these is that a dog raises them only in anger. Not true; again we return to the signs differing between dogs. Whilst one dog could be saying that he is angry and to back off and leave well alone, another dog could be portraying that he/she is excited. It is common for a dog’s hackles to rise during play with another dog.

Personalities vary immensely from dog to dog too. Labradors are usually very calm and placid dogs hence the reason why the breed is used a lot as guide dogs etc, etc. Border collies are generally the live wires of the canine world, never stopping, highly strung dogs, perfect for agility and herding sheep. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a calm Border collie or perhaps a live-wired Labrador; it is just a general rule of thumb.

To have a successful relationship with your dog you need to be able to read the signs he/she is trying to communicate to you, I am not saying that you are required to be a professional dog trainer or to obtain a degree in canine psychology! All I am pointing out is that if you can comprehend what your dog is trying to say it will help you and your dog to have a much better relationship.

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