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Rainy Dogs

When I acquired my first puppy, a Border collie, I remember having doubts regarding taking her for a walk in the pouring rain for fear of her catching pneumonia. I also thought she might find the whole concept of the cold rain on her body a little scary, in reality my concerns could not have been further from the truth if they tried!

My little pup did not only enjoy the rain she thrived in it, splashing through every single puddle she came across and rolling in the glorious mud.

So if you have the same worries about your puppy and the rain do not panic, the younger they are when they initially encounter the rain the better. The worst situation to find yourself in is to own a dog which absolutely refuses to go out for a walk in the rain as this could cause all sorts of issues not only with lack of exercise but with toilet problems. There is nothing worse than a bored canine to deal with either as generally their initial outlet concerns chewing and they will not be fussy about the items they chew, our dogs do not know the difference between an old slipper and an expensive, designer label shoe!

Therefore take your young puppy out in the rain as soon as you can, the important thing to remember is to not stay out too long initially, a quick stroll will suffice. When you return home always ensure you dry your puppy’s coat thoroughly and pay attention to underneath their body too and behind their front legs.

When your dog is an adult it is still vital to dry them properly after a walk in the rain this is especially true with older dogs as they can suffer from arthritis, again with an elderly dog I would advise their walk to not be too long either.

If you find there is thunder and lightning accompanying the rain then the safest course of action is to return home by the quickest route and to not panic. If you remain perfectly calm so will your canine chum.

The seasons will also make a difference with walking in the rain as during the summer months the air is naturally warmer so even in the rain the temperature will remain pleasant, in the winter the air will be a lot cooler therefore if your faithful friend is wet they will feel the cold fairly quickly. The best option is to keep your canine chum moving and to not stay out too long.

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