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Puppy Tips

If you have either just acquired a new puppy or are considering one joining your household soon then this article will interest you as it contains some of the top tips available for puppy owners or potential puppy owners.
One of your initial tasks should be to completely puppy proof your household. The easiest way to achieve this is to actually crawl around the floor on your hands and knees and observe the scene as your puppy would. You are looking for anything that you feel could be a potential threat to your puppy, remember they are all pre-programmed to chew! They will literally attempt to chew and mouth just about anything when they are teething.

So remove all cables and wires and all your shoes etc, etc. Place some high quality puppy toys and chews around and whenever you see your puppy chewing the items that he/she is supposed to be chewing ensure that you give plenty of praise. If they begin chewing something that is wrong say a firm ‘leave’ or ‘no’ and tempt them away from the wrong item to one of their chews or toys and then praise.

Do not overload your new puppy with visitors in the first day or two of his/her new life with you, allow the chance for your puppy to settle in first and then the family can descend with their cameras! It is good for your puppy to socialize with different people and obviously with different dogs and puppies but it is also better to let them grow acclimatized to their new home first. Too many new things at once will be very daunting for a young puppy and a lot to cope with.

Ensure that you do not feed your puppy human food, to start with feed the same food that he/she has been eating prior to living with you and then slowly introduce a new food if required. All the major brands of dog food include a range of specially formulated puppy food which will contain all the relevant and necessary vitamins and minerals that your pup requires to grow up fit and healthy.

Teach your puppy basic obedience as there is nothing worse than a cute pup which will not behave. You will find people love your fluffy puppy to begin with but when he/she constantly jumps up or barks he/she will not prove to be quite so popular all of a sudden. Whilst training it is the perfect opportunity to bond and you are letting your puppy know at a young age that you are in charge. Dogs and puppies prefer to know where they are positioned within the chain of command in their ‘pack’ they like to know their place, so just through training early in their life puppies are taught so much more than you initially think.

There are many more tips but this has covered some of the basics, remember to put the time in with your puppy because you will be rewarded with a loving, well behaved and loyal adult dog.

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