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Puppy Tears

New puppies love attention and it goes without saying that new owners love to offer their new bundle of fluff heaps of attention and love, now the problem arises when the pup begins to demand this affection all of the time.

Puppies are skilful at numerous things and one of these happens to be having the ability to be vocal when required! They enjoy nothing more than whining, squeaking and even howling for the attention they desire until you, their dear owner, will relent and smother them with hugs and kisses.

The noise your new puppy makes at 2pm is still not right but more acceptable to you and your neighbours than the same noise at 3am. If the puppy’s behaviour is not stopped your worst case scenario will be to own a truly noisy and demanding puppy which will grow into a noisy and equally demanding adult dog. Now the first step will probably be the hardest for you, it is time to toughen up. I am not expecting every puppy owner to suddenly go through a metamorphosis and become ‘Rambo’ overnight but you need to learn how to switch off to your puppy’s demands. When your pup begins to whine, and you are certain that he/she has been toileted, fed and watered, this is the time to begin ignoring the noises. Do not simply ignore your puppy until they quieten completely but just leave them for slightly longer durations of time over a period of days, this is imperative as by doing this now you will be helping your puppy to overcome any separation anxiety problems at an early age.

So your new friend does not feel totally abandoned you could simply leave a radio or television playing somewhere within the house and every so often just hum or sing or, however daft this might sound, mutter to yourself! Your voice whether singing or talking will reassure your puppy without actually talking to him/her directly and winding the situation up at all.

Build on the time that you are out of the room until eventually you have left your puppy for 20 minutes and then when you return to the room do not make a fuss, simply guide him/her to the garden to go to the toilet. Your pup will soon learn that you do come back under your own terms and not purely because they have made a noise and a fuss. Puppies do learn at different rates and not always as their ‘breed’ specifies, just because your puppy happens to be a Border collie do not automatically expect him/her to learn any quicker than other breeds simply because the breed as a whole is supposed to be intelligent.

Individual dogs and puppies are just that, individual; they all vary from one another. You could find that a little Chihuahua puppy learns a lot faster than a little Border collie puppy for no particular reason just that the Chihuahua picks words and phrases up quicker than the Border collie.

Be patient and learn to be a little tougher when it comes to those ‘puppy tears’ but remember prior to this always ensure your little pup is comfortable and therefore not trying to grab your attention for genuine needs.

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