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Puppy School

Many first time puppy owners will consider taking their little bundle of fun along to a puppy training school to gain some knowledge and handy tips but puppy classes offer so much more than just basic learning.

Puppies are presented with the opportunity to socialize with other puppies their own age and also with people and this is so important for their future. Puppies require the proper interaction with others as this helps to ‘shape’ them for their adulthood, they can learn so much from one another. When you see puppies playing together you just think how adorably cute they are and how much fun they look as though they are having, there is so much more going on than you can see.

The pups learn the very basics of hierarchy from each other because they soon adapt to putting each other in their places! The stronger characters soon show themselves during classes as do the quieter ones and also the naughty ones.

So what should you expect to do at a puppy class? Well you will cover numerous factors of becoming a puppy owner along with the basic training. You will be shown how to handle and touch your puppy as this will prepare your pup for those daunting vet visits, I know they would have already seen a vet for their checkups and routine vaccinations but they still need to acclimatize themselves for the sensation of being handled.

There are so many adult dogs that absolutely detest their paws being touched, one of mine hates his back paws being wiped he is fine about his front paws but cringes when it comes to his back ones. There is no explanation for this at all as he has been with me since puppyhood; it is almost like a phobia with him. My friend’s Springer spaniel is the same way with her front, right paw with no reasoning behind it at all. By trying to prepare your puppy by touching their paws you can hopefully make it easier for them when they reach adulthood but do not be too hard on yourself if they still possess strange little quirks because this seems to be normal in the canine world!

Puppy classes will involve some basic training commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’ and you will be shown how to train your pup to walk on a lead nicely.

Some trainers will include a class on grooming your puppy which will consist of teeth brushing, how to eventually clip their claws when needed, checking their eyes and ears, how to give your pup a bath and how to brush your puppy’s coat.

Many will involve a trip outside of the school, possibly a visit to a local school or residential home just so your puppy can see how to behave around other people in a different situation. I would definitely recommend a puppy school as they offer your pup the chance to mingle with others and for you to learn how to teach your pup the basic commands by using the best possible training methods.

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