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Puppy Recall

When you are trying to teach your puppy any new command always attempt to observe the situation through their eyes, this will give you a whole new perspective on what you are asking them to do.

Now reverse your roles for a moment and picture yourself as a cute and innocent puppy on the end of a massive training lead, you have just been presented with a taste of partial freedom and you are enjoying every single second of it. Then bellowing from the other end of the lead comes your name over and over again becoming more hysterical and annoyed as time progresses. Would you fall over yourself to rush back to the voice?

How about if the person on the other end of the lead was softly calling your name and gently pulling the lead towards them whilst at the same time holding out their hand, would you hurry back then to discover what is in their hand? The chances are higher for you selecting the second option rather than the first one so you can observe from this exercise how important it is for you to present yourself correctly and adopt the correct stance and mannerism when training your puppy.

When it comes to teaching the recall command you need to make it appear worthwhile to your puppy for him/her to return to your side.

If you are displaying any indications or hints of anger this will just ensure that your puppy does not return, it is giving him/her a reason for staying at a safe distance away from you. Your puppy will enjoy a game of chase for awhile where you run around resembling a crazed person and your puppy ducks and dives to avoid you but the novelty will soon run out and you will become angry and your puppy will become wary of you.

A training lead is your best friend when teaching the recall command, it allows you full control over your puppy whilst still permitting them to have a lot of freedom. Simply attach the lead to their collar when you are in a safe location and allow your puppy to wander and explore.

Then when you are ready call your puppy to you, to begin with they will not have any concept of what you are asking them to do so to coax them in the right direction gently pull the lead towards you whilst still calling their name and using your chosen word such as ‘come’ or ‘here’. When they arrive ask them to sit and praise and reward with a small treat, repeat this a few times on a daily basis but do not always give your puppy a treat as this way they will always have a question of whether this time they will obtain a treat or not. You are encouraging them to return to you just to find out and also because they wish to return to you as you have shown no anger or impatience.

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