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Puppy Proofing

The saying is that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ well the same should be said regarding dogs and especially puppies. They are interested in anything and everything; nothing is safe from their inquisitive little noses!

It is your job and your responsibility to ensure that your home is ‘puppy proofed.’ This means that it is totally safe for your little puppy to explore.

The best way to do this is to pop yourself on your hands and knees and crawl around by doing this you are now observing life through your puppy’s eyes and from their perspective. Just see how many objects you think that will interest your young puppy.
One of the main issues is electrical cables and cords as all households have these.

They can be potentially fatal to your puppy. They can be chewed through over a period of days without you even noticing and your pup could receive a nasty or fatal electric shock. Try and store some of the cords away if you can manage without them or purchase some rubber tubing to run the cables through. Yes these can still be chewed but they will not harm your pup the same way as an electric cable will.

If you have stairs in your property then purchase a stair gate or 2. Stairs can be deadly obstacles for little furry feet trying to run at 200mph up and down them. They can be difficult for young puppies to negotiate especially at high speeds and their little legs are easily sprained or worse broken.

Be wary of household chemical products such as bleach ensure that your pup does not have access to this or other dangerous items. Watch out for open windows as your puppy will not understand that leaping out of a high window is a bad idea.

Much of making sure that your home is ‘puppy proofed’ is common sense and should prove to be fairly easy, spending the time now will be well worth it as it will keep your little puppy safe and happy.

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