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Puppy Profile: Cockapoo

Cockapoo breed is a result of a cross breeding between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. It is one of the most famous celebrity dogs because they are loving and energetic like the Spaniel and shed less like its Poodle parent.

The Cockapoo puppies don’t have consistent and predictable qualities because they are not considered as a pure bred dog. This means that they have the possibility to inherit the characteristics of either of their parents or both. Some Cockapoo may look like more of a Cocker Spaniel but low dander like a Poodle but it is also possible that it will look like a Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel’s temperament.

Cockapoo puppies vary in color. They can be black, beige, auburn of brown variation, cream, white or a mixture of one or more colors. Their sizes vary from small to medium, they weigh 11-21 lbs and their height ranges from 10-14 inches depending on the Poodle’s breed. The Cockapoo’s litter size averages from 4-6 puppies. Their coats can either be straight to slightly curly. They are most likely to have brown, large and well set eyes, ears that range from medium to long, and generally a square built, means they are as long as they are tall.

Cockapoo dogs are known to be agreeable and patient dogs. They fraternize well with kids and other animals. They are very intellectual and sociable breed of dogs. They enjoy being around their families and other people and they love being the center of attention as well.

Cockapoo dogs are easy to groom, they don’t require a lot of bathing, twice a year will do them good, and they only require brushing of their coats every other day. The cost of Cockapoo dog’s food is not as pricy compared to others, as they are small breeds they only need consume about 1 ½ to cups of dog food a day.

Cockapoo dogs are very sociable and are ideal pets for families with kids at home, as they are less temperamental and considered as happy dogs. And kids and adults are less likely to get allergies from them as Cockapoo dogs shed less and they just need the most basic maintenance and care.