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Puppy Parties

You have probably read the title of this particular article and have now conjured up all these images of puppies wearing party hats and sitting around consuming jelly and ice-cream! The term ‘party’ is used loosely and is intended to mean more of a gathering than a literal party. Most vet surgeries will possess information regarding local puppy parties and if you enquire with a local dog training group they will generally know too.

They are designed as the initial stepping stone for puppies prior to training classes but even if you do not envisage your pup attending classes a party is still a good idea. The concept behind them is to introduce puppies of a similar age to each other in a safe and controlled environment, they are not going out for walks as of yet and will all be in the same position. It is nice for the ‘humans’ accompanying their little bundle of fluff because by this time they are normally going slightly stir-crazy prior to their puppy going out for walks!

As with adult dogs puppies have different personalities from one another and being ‘let loose’ with others will show their true colours, good or bad!

Most of the puppy parties are held in veterinary surgeries or training schools and run by a dog trainer, veterinary nurse or similar. The puppies are placed on the floor and basically kept a close eye on whilst they ‘meet and greet,’ owners will have the opportunity to raise any concerns they might have regarding caring for their new puppy. There will be talks about feeding, exercising, socializing, vaccinations etc, etc.

If you are a complete novice when it comes to the canine world then I would highly recommend attending a puppy party with your new addition as you will find it very helpful, there will be handy tips on tasks such as grooming and bathing your puppy. You can learn about the best toys available for puppies and the best approach towards training along with the chance to speak with others going through the same thing as yourself. Whilst there you will gain the information you require for progressing onwards to puppy training classes and you can learn what sort of things your puppy will be taught.

A big part of the puppy party though is to be able to observe the puppies mixing with others; all their characters can be seen from the shy puppy hiding behind its owner’s legs to the brave one sitting in the middle of the room. If your pup chooses to be relatively quiet and you feel a little disappointed that he/she does not join in more do not worry or be alarmed as your young pup is probably just a little awestruck by the whole event, you can try and gently coax them to say ‘hello’ to the other puppies but do not force the issue. When they feel the time is right, be it at the puppy party or later, they will meet other canine chums.

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