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Puppy Introductions

Puppies are generally friendly to everyone and anything they encounter which makes the task of socializing much easier, remember just because your puppy cannot go out walking to begin with until they have run their vaccination course does not mean that they cannot go out and about with you carrying them.

This is a vital part of your puppy’s development and it is your responsibility as an owner to ensure your pup is well socialized from an early age. The easiest way of doing this is by popping your pup in a blanket and literally carrying them with when you are out and about. Try to alter where you take your puppy and expose them to as many different situations as possible, busy town centres are a good idea as you can guarantee most people will enjoy the opportunity to pet your cute and fluffy pup!

Visit friends with your pup and if they have children all the better. Puppies can be around adult dogs but ensure that the adult dogs are up to date with their own vaccinations and always let them meet either in your own home or their home, not out and about where they could meet other dogs that have not been vaccinated.

Most veterinary surgeries will know where puppy parties are being held and these are a terrific chance for your pup to ‘meet and greet’ lots of other puppies of the same age and in the same situation. The parties give the owners the opportunity of a peek into their pup’s character and personality as the puppies will let their true colours shine through, good or bad, when in the company of others like them. If your puppy has shy tendencies then he/she will undoubtedly spend the whole duration either hiding behind you or the chair you are sat on! This is not a terrible thing but try and encourage your pup to say ‘hello’ to some of the other quieter pups, shyness can lead to aggression based on fear, basically the pup/dog is afraid and does not know how to react in the given situation and ends up being aggressive.

The pup standing in the middle of the room and full of courage will normally also be full of attitude and this can be a problem if they become over confident, these are the pups that jump first and think about the consequences after the event. The absolute perfect combination is the ‘middle of the road’ pup; the one that says ‘hello’ but does not charge into new and unknown situations without some cautionary measures.

The chances of you having the perfect mixture are low but do not despair, simply ascertain your puppy’s personality and work with them on developing their character. The confident puppies will require a strong owner, the shy ones a brave but gentle owner and the perfect puppies still need guidance as just because their personality might seem ideal does not mean their behaviour will be!

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