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Puppy Interaction

Interacting with your young puppy shouldn’t be a problem, I mean it’s not exactly a chore to roll around on the floor with a cute and fluffy puppy!

Developing a firm bond with your pup whilst they’re young will assist you with their training because if their loyalty sits firmly with you they’ll listen to you, well that’s the general idea anyway! It’s not all about simple friendship either because you’re forming another vital ingredient with your puppy along the way and that’s trust. If your puppy doesn’t trust you then their training regime could prove to be tricky.

One of the easiest ways to bond with a puppy is through play, puppies love to play and will very often play to their heart’s content until they literally fall asleep on the spot. Don’t encourage any type of rough play as this could prove to be a recipe for disaster later in your puppy’s life. Rough play can lead to aggression as you’re inadvertently teaching your pup how to be aggressive and how to be rough. Great fun with an innocent, small pup but not so great with a big, growling adult dog.

You also don’t want to encourage any nipping at all. All puppies nip, it’s part of the teething process and also part of their ‘weighing up their owner’ process. They will test you and try their luck, just as children do. You must cease any nipping as soon as it starts. The best way to do this is by mimicking their mum by letting out a shrill shriek if they nip too hard, their mum would ‘squeak’ if they hurt her during play. Another trick is to turn your back on your pup or walk completely away from them, the main thing all puppies hate is to be ignored. They adore being the centre of attention and receiving lots of interaction so to take this away might seem a little harsh at the time but it’s effective.

All you’re doing is trying to make a point to your pup that you simply won’t tolerate them hurting you, even during playtime. Grooming is another time for bonding with your puppy and remember it’s not only about brushing. Check their ears, eyes and teeth and brush their teeth. If you can start cleaning their teeth at a young age then the task will appear a little less daunting when they reach adulthood.

Spend as much time as you possibly can with your puppy; the effort you make now will be rewarded when your beautiful, adult dog respects you completely.