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Puppy Grooming

When you mention the word grooming many people instantly just think about the brushing side but a full ‘groom’ should actually include nail clipping, teeth cleaning and bathing.

Young puppies are often not bathed by their owners for fear of hurting or upsetting them too much and they often wait until their pup is 6 months or even older, the truth is that puppies under the age of 6 months should be groomed and given the opportunity to grow accustomed to the sensation. Puppies love to wriggle and whilst it will undoubtedly prove to be a bit awkward to groom them it will prove even more awkward when confronted with a fully grown adult dog which has not been groomed very much at all! The secret, as with all puppy training and handling, is an abundance of patience and a sense of humour.

Now the best way to begin is to face the challenge of giving your pup a bath, this will be the first time he/she has experienced this and this is a golden opportunity for you to begin with a clean slate and develop an adult dog who enjoys to be bathed.

When your puppy is so small you can bath him/her in a sink or bowl so they do not feel intimidated by a huge bathtub, use a mild puppy shampoo and a flannel do not use a shower attachment or a jug at this stage. Slowly and gently stand your pup in the tepid water and move the wet flannel over their body to ensure their coat becomes soaked through, apply a little shampoo and lather gently and slowly.

Rinse their coat with some clean water, now for this part you will need a jug and a fresh bowl of water. Slowly empty the jug of water over your puppy’s legs and feet to make sure they are not too scared by the sensation and then gradually build to emptying the jug over their back. Reassure them all the time and then lift them out and dry them gently with a fluffy, soft towel.

Now you can move to their nails and always use a suitable pair of nail clippers, not great big ones but smaller ones. You need to be firm but gentle, hold your puppy’s leg and look for their nails and the quick within the nail. There should not be much to clip to be honest just a case of ‘tipping’ the ends off and your puppy’s nails will not grow to fast either, so they should be okay for approximately 6-8 weeks between clips.

When it comes to brushing always use a soft bristled brush and simply brush their coat, you can also use a comb if your puppy’s coat is growing long. Gently tease any tangles out and never pull the coat, brush their tail, ears and even their legs. The important point is to gain their trust and attempt to keep them happy whilst they are groomed, this way their only memories of the grooming session will be positive and happy.

Their teeth can be cleaned gently as depending on your puppy’s age they will still be teething and losing their little milk teeth, simply introduce them to the feeling of the toothbrush and the taste of the paste. Do not force their mouth open but rather just coax them to open their mouth. By carrying out a grooming routine at this tender stage of your puppy’s life it will help you to handle the same routine with them as an adult dog.

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