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Puppies And Road Sense

I remember seeing a man walking alongside a busy main road once with a spaniel trotting faithfully at his side and not taking a blind bit of notice of the roar of the traffic as it sped by, I recall thinking to myself how great it looked for an owner to have such a well trained dog.

Well looking back now after many years of owning my own dogs and listening to other owner’s opinions I would not actually advise any dog owner to attempt to train their dog to walk alongside a road off lead. Of course this is my own personal point of view and everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, in my mind it is too risky.

Surely all it will take is for the dog to spy a cat, squirrel or another canine chum on the other side of the road and they will try to cross. Now unless you have 100% complete and utter control over the dog it will be virtually impossible to stop him/her in their tracks.

It is however imperative that puppies are taught how to behave beside a busy road and that they should be introduced slowly to the sounds and sights of lots of traffic when they are young. The best time to start training your puppy is when it is relatively quiet on the road, perhaps a Sunday or Bank Holiday morning. Begin even prior to your puppy walking on the ground, simply wrap him/her up in a blanket and go for a trundle alongside the road. Do not make a big fuss of your puppy, just take a short walk to begin with beside the road.

All you are doing is allowing your puppy to become accustomed to the traffic and to accept the noises. The next step when they are walking is to train your puppy to sit beside the road but to focus on you and you alone, you can use some puppy treats as rewards. As soon as your pup looks at you praise and reward, if you are opting to clicker train your puppy then click and reward immediately.

If your pup becomes startled by the louder sounding traffic such as motorbikes and lorries simply move back from the road more or find an alternative slightly quieter stretch of road for training purposes to begin with. Do not fuss your puppy though if there are signs of fear displayed because you are only going to reiterate the fact that they are right to be scared.

Always use a short lead and never put your puppy or dog on a flexible lead beside a road, you need to be in control at all times and you cannot gain the full handling that you require unless your puppy is on a short lead and close to your side.

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