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Puppies and Other Animals

In general, puppies are very friendly little beings, they can have any type of personality from brave to shy but they always seem to be friendly. The danger here is that this can be taken for granted and things can easily race out of hand in certain situations.

When your puppy is being introduced to another pet in the household, always be careful and don’t simply assume everything will be fine. There’s always a possibility that the other animal won’t like the puppy or vice versa. If you’re letting your pup meet a smaller pet such as a rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla for instance then be extra cautious. Don’t forget that a playful swipe of your pup’s paw could seriously injure a smaller animal or if the other animal decides to run your pup could give chase and pounce. All your puppy will wish to do is to play, innocent enough and normal but for the other animal this is a recipe for disaster.

Your pup won’t intentionally aim to hurt the smaller animal but its boisterous behaviour could prove to be problematic, if it pounces directly onto the other animal the chances are extremely high that the smaller pet won’t survive. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t introduce a puppy to anything smaller than a large rabbit in the small furry group of pets, the others are simply too small.

Now with puppies and rabbits you must remain vigilant, a bunny that feels in danger will thump its hind legs on the ground this is fine but they can also kick the legs out behind themselves with quite a force. Your little pup could end up badly hurt if the rabbit’s legs strike it with full force.

The best way to introduce a bunny and a puppy is with the bunny inside a run or cage, this way they can sniff and observe one another without actually making contact. If they seem to accept each other well move forward, and slowly with supervision let them meet in an open environment but always watch them. The puppy will probably think the rabbit is another puppy and might well try to interact and play so always be careful and never leave the two alone.

Puppies and kittens are usually a good match as they’re both as playful as one another and depending on the breed of pup there’s generally not a lot of size difference between the two. Still always keep a watchful eye on the pair though as kittens can give a nasty scratch in defence and puppies can give a nasty nip either in defence or play.

It’s good to let your pup ‘meet and greet’ different animals if possible as this helps their character to build, just be sensible and observant and don’t turn your back on them, even for a second!