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Puppies And Cars

If you daydream about taking your puppy to lots of different locations further afield than your local area you will need to be able to travel with him/her. You must remember that you cannot simply expect your puppy to adapt to travelling in a car as most of them have never done so prior to meeting you.

Many puppies go away with their new family from the place they were born and this will be their first experience of a car. When you collect your new puppy always be prepared for them to not travel well and be armed with towels, tissues and newspapers. The best item to transport your puppy in is a cardboard box with the front cut out as an entrance point. You can line this with newspapers and towels and a nice touch is to also pop a soft, puppy safe toy in the box which will act as a source of comfort. Your puppy can cuddle up close to the toy if he/she is feeling lonely because do not forget that they have just left the comfort of their mum and siblings.

Carry some water with you and a suitable drinking container. The best place for your puppy is beside you or a friend on the backseat of the car, never be tempted to drive to collect your puppy by yourself and just assume that he/she will be fine left unsupervised in the back of the car.

The aim is to ensure you make it home safely and as directly as you can, do not make lots of stops simply carry on and make it home. The shorter time your puppy is in the car the better as he/she will probably be fairly stressed out by the day’s events.

Now once you are home and after a few days have passed take your puppy out to the car and just sit in it with them, do not even switch the engine on at this stage. Ensure that your puppy does not become too excited and that you show him/her that you are not playing a game and that sitting or lying still is the only acceptable behaviour whilst they are in the car. Keep talking in a quiet manner to your puppy and relax, if you become anxious your little chum will pick up on your mood and also begin to feel anxious.

When you are convinced that your puppy is happy being in the vehicle, make sure you are situated in a well ventilated location and start the car’s engine. Now if your puppy jumps and appears to be alarmed by the noise do not worry, simply relax and remain sitting beside him/her. Once they observe that you are perfectly calm they will relax and when you feel that they have been calm for long enough you can drive slowly around the block and return home whilst everything is fine and your puppy is happy.

After you have repeated driving around the block you can progress to travelling to a destination with your pup and leaving the vehicle, for this next step you could visit the local park or a place where your puppy can have a small walk whilst remaining safely on the lead. You are teaching your puppy that trips in the car can equal pleasant experiences.

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