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Predicting a puppy’s personality

Even though dogs belonging to the same breed do tend to possess many of the same traits, such as their exercise requirement and a tendency to be snappy, you cannot predict with any certainty what kind of adult dog a puppy will grow up to be.

You can however obtain a sense of a puppy’s personality and also its disposition. Puppies in general that are affectionate and friendly will usually grow up to be affectionate and friendly adult dogs.

Dogs that seem to be nervous and suspicious when they are young will more than likely be exactly the same way when they are older.

One of the best clues you can obtain for yourself is to view the puppies with their mother, by the time they are just six weeks old they have picked up an amazing amount of knowledge from their mother about how to behave.

The points that puppies learn at this very impressionable period of their lives do tend to stay with them, of course some traits are inherited. You might be able to view the father dog too this is a bonus if you can.

You need to observe the parent dogs and see how they respond to people. Do they engage friendly eye contact or do they stare? Do they enjoy being touched? Do they display friendly interest in you without breaking into total excitement?

It is not always possible to meet the parent dogs but there are other methods to obtain a sense of a puppy’s personality. A general rule of thumb is that the smaller dog breeds, especially the terriers, do tend to be more excitable than the larger breeds.

Male dogs are generally more aggressive than the female dogs. This is a ‘general’ rule though so it may not be true with every dog. There are some additional methods that you can employ to obtain the ‘feel’ of a puppy:

– Throw a toy. One with a squeaker is best, all puppies are usually eager to play. Most playful and alert puppies will look at a toy with interest when you show them and chase it when thrown. Most puppies will be curious when the toy squeaks and may try to make it squeak again. Some might be startled initially. The puppy that is too frightened to even return to the toy could be too nervous to unfortunately develop into a good, relaxed family pet.

– Roll them over. Dogs do not lie on their backs for just anyone so gently rolling them over is a great test. What you are looking for is a puppy that does not struggle much and is quite happy. Not one that is shaking with nerves.

– An easy test to observe how compliant a puppy is going to be is to tickle its toes; most dogs seem to totally dislike having their feet touched. They will struggle initially but then should soon calm down, you will need to handle your dog’s paws to trim the nails and generally care for them. Your dog should permit you to do this.

– Observe the puppy with its littermates.

There are two main puppies that you should steer clear of within a litter:

1) The puppy who appears to be the ‘leader’ of the litter who is usually the pushy one.

2) The shy, quiet puppy that seems to hang back from the others.
Ideally you are searching for a puppy that falls in the middle of both the leader and the shy puppy as this should turn into a well balanced adult dog.

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