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Possessive Pooches

The ultimate display of good behaviour shown to you by your dog is for them to allow you to take pretty much anything away from their possession, whether it is their favourite toy or a food item.

There should be no indication of aggression from your dog and you should feel completely 100% confident and trust that your dog will not snarl, growl or show his/her teeth to you. Many rescue centres will use a mock hand attached to the end of a long pole and when the dog in question is eating the hand will be used to remove the bowl of food and the dog’s reaction will be observed.

This is done to ascertain the dog’s character and personality, if there is absolutely no demonstration of aggression but possibly total bewilderment questioning where their food has vanished then this shows a calm and friendly dog. If there is a slight snarl which is almost undetectable as it was done under the dog’s breath then this dog could potentially develop aggressive tendencies but generally if the work is put in instantly they will be fine.

If the dog displays a lot of attitude when the food bowl is touched then it does not necessarily mean there is no hope for the dog because it is vicious, it simply means that the dog does have issues and will require monitoring carefully and a training regime applied.

Now when you start afresh with a puppy the best method of training to avoid any possessive behaviour in the future is to teach him/her how to ‘drop’ or ‘release’ whatever word you choose to use to tell your pooch to let go of what they have. The easiest way to teach this command is to arm yourself with tasty doggy treats and your puppy’s favourite toy, now hand the toy to your pup and let them have it for a minute or two. Then place one hand on the toy whilst your puppy still has it hold and wave a treat underneath their nose, repeat your chosen word and as soon as they release the toy to eat the treat praise and reward with the treat.

Repeat this spontaneously throughout the day, whenever you see your pup pick their toy up practice this command with them and also include it in your daily training regime.

The ‘leave it’ command works on the same concept, basically once your puppy has dropped their toy place it on the ground in front of them and tell them to ‘leave it’ in a  firm tone. As soon as they leave it and look at your hands praise and reward them. These two exercises are imperative in teaching your puppy that there is no need to be possessive and they need to be taught as early as possible.

If you are dealing with an adult dog then the training is much the same to be honest but be aware that it might take a little longer with an adult as there might be bad habits to break first.

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