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Police Dogs

There are several different types of working dogs whom all provide an invaluable service to their community.

Police dogs for instance are highly respected in certain areas; if one is killed in action then it is deemed as serious as if an officer of the law had been killed. The role of the faithful police dog is as dangerous as that of its human companion. Very often the dog is sent into a potentially deadly predicament ahead of its handler to ascertain the severity of the situation.

All police dogs go through rigorous training regimes involving countless hours. To begin with the ‘working’ dogs need to be selected from the ‘pet’ dogs. Handlers spend time researching and discovering the breeds of dogs that they consider to be suitable for police work.

Along with their breed being correct the dogs need to possess the right temperaments and will have to undergo numerous pre-examinations. They will be tested on their approachability by complete strangers; do they permit people to head in their direction without a noticeable shift in behaviour?

Police dogs are also tested to see if they will retrieve objects readily and how they cope with objects that they may not of come across before such as horses, children and guns. The dogs are not just being examined to observe if they can accept objects and to judge their personalities, they are also being watched to assess the line of work they can be entered into.

Their work could involve searching for drugs or being on patrol and this could include chasing down known criminals.

One of the most crucial parts of their training is being matched with the correct handler as this person will become the most important person in their life. The dog and handler have to ‘gel’ instantly or there could be a huge personality clash.

The two need to trust one another implicitly as this will prove to be essential whilst working out in the field.

When the dogs reach retirement age and can no longer fulfil their role as a police dog many will remain with their handlers and their families and simply live the rest of their time out as a canine member of the household.

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