Podgy Pooches

With it being Easter time and us all consuming fattening chocolate and cakes it’s only natural for us to pile the pounds on but what about your pooch? Now is the perfect time to be thinking about losing some of that extra weight in time for the long summer days.

So what can you do to help your canine chum if he has indeed become a bit chubbier than normal? To begin with hunt around for a lighter food as this will assist with the weight loss but still provide your dog with all the required nutrients and vitamins. If you’re feeding your dog treats as a reward for training then this needn’t stop completely but simply change the treats you’re using for a lighter alternative.

Don’t allow your dog to lounge around for hours on end encourage him/her to participate in plenty of exercise. This is a great way for you both to shed some of those unwanted pounds. How about cycling? You can purchase specially adapted leads for your dog to wear whilst you cycle, it may take you both awhile to adapt to the sensation but you’ll get there. Don’t save your swimming for the pool either, jump in a local river (as long as it’s safe of course!) and entice your dog to also take the plunge with you. If you have a floating ball to take with you then all the better as you can throw this for your pooch whilst you’re in the water together.

Jogging is another terrific form of exercise for you both and you don’t always have to stick to pathways and main road running either, your dog will adore some of the woodland trails and beach jogs that you can do with one another.

If all the above sounds just a little too energetic for you both then what about a nice brisk walk? You can discover many beautiful locations whilst walking beaches, moors or woods. Walking is still a great way to exercise just ensure you maintain a fairly brisk pace and if the weather’s warm never forget water for both yourself and your canine chum.

Grab your doggy pals and their dogs too for company. Dogs generally love to run around together and this is a great way for them to burn off any surplus pounds.

Make certain everyone knows about your dog’s diet too, so there are no crafty biscuits or treats handed to your pooch when people feel sorry for him/her as they don’t think they’re eating enough! Play with your dog more this is obviously fun but not only that it takes energy from both of you so is a fantastic way of bonding and losing weight all at the same time.

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